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VIBEZ GA Entertainment Company, LLC  provides tangible resources and opportunities to the creative community of SouthWest Georgia,USA and online resources to the creative community of the world.




       Give creatives of SouthWest Georgia, USA  a safe centralized  space to express themselves freely and interact with other creatives with the result of collaboration and idea sharing.  


  • Showcase the uniqueness and creativity of  SouthWest Georgia, USA  to the World. 


  • Showcase an excellent experience to the citizens of SouthWest Georgia and inspire mindset growth. 

  • Provide resources, tools, and opportunities to elevate the overall knowledge of  creative careers and entrepreneurship opportunities.  




To create a thriving creative community in the city of Albany, Ga that has access to resources,education and  streamline access to the industries of the world. 

(Vision Dissected) 

Creative Community- Seeds 


  • The creative community is the driving force of change in any environment. The creative community brings ideas, solutions, and innovative ways to capture the heart of a community. Once the creative community has been formed, VIBEZ GA will provide a centralized space for innovative idea sharing, artistic expression, education and entertainment. 


Teachers- Wisdom 


  •  The teacher's role is to expose new concepts and ideas to the creatives by introducing experience, knowledge, and intuitive wisdom  to help achieve their goals. Wisdom comes in levels, so anyone can be a teacher! 


Investors - Access 


  • Investors are needed to create an ease of resources for ideas to become tangible products, services, and experiences, while creating opportunities to expand wealth. 


Influencers- Leaders 

  • The purpose of the influencers are to add a face to the movement. Influencers are creatives who have dedicated their lives to their creative gifts and have reached a level of success that can be seen, shared, and duplicated. 


Core Values 

  • Positive impact 

  • Love & Light     

  • Transparency    

  • Consistency      


All VIBEZ CREW members receive a spot on the VIBEZ GA website, social media, and a page on

VIBEZ GA YouTube Chanel. 



Crew members also receive

FREE photos and videos from

VIBEZ GA Events that can be used at your discretion!



Joining the VIBEZ CREW is joining a community! We are all lovers of Art and Music of all kinds. Meet local Artists, collaborate on projects, and share insite and knowledge on your creativity! 

You will also have opportunities to HOST YOUR OWN EVENTS! We want to see your ideas shine! 


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